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The Night Before Christmas….

Twas the night before Christmas
a Christmas in tropical KL
a humid and wet evening
a strange thing happened;
a passing gales
blowing winter breezes
that give you chill
as if maybe Jack Frost himself
was here.

Twas the night before Cristmas
I stand alone
damp and chilly
in my old yellow raincoat,
looking rotund like a Digi YCF
I noticed this strange thing happened.

Twas the night before Christmas
making my way home
from a late night party on my old
Honda 125
on the new Lekas highway
that I noticed the strange happening.

What did happened
on that night before christmas
in a winter breeze in tropical KL
in a wet and humid night?

My kind of Santa 😉

…well, it’s not Christmas yet, so I dunno. Wait till Christmas eve larrrrr!!!!