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Aoi Usagi by Sakai Noriko

Sakai Norito

Sad to hear about Sakai Noriko’s arrest. Really love her performance in Heaven’s Coin and her rendition of its theme song, Aoi Usagi, which happens to be one of my favourite JPop song.

Found this video on You Tube. Hope she’ll come out of the ordeal soon and without any trauma.


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DaiCon tomorrow

megane-less Yuki

megane-less Yuki

Tomorrow is DaiCon. I’m going there as a media rep, so that should be an interesting experience.

What I’m definitely looking forward to is of course the Q&A session with Chihara Minori, the seiyuu for Yuki Nagato, one of the moe-est characters in anime ever (at least, seems to me that way he he).

Hopefully, with the press tag that  got, I can get close and ask her lots of questions. But, being the popular seiyuu that she is, I’m rather doubtful.

But hey, just to be able to see Minorin in person… now that’s kakkoii!

Hello world!

First post. This blog starts today.  🙂