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God’s chef-d’oeuvre

Morning came
bringing fresh fragrant dew of spring break
thawing yesterday’s winter
with it bring forth all the sweet flowers
shades of red, of yellow and of blue
in all it’s glorious tone and hue
so beautiful, so lovely…

But when I look at you
sleeping oh so serenely
everything but pale if compared to you
for you, my dear, is God’s chef-d’oeuvre
His gift, to us…

Forever for us to love.


What is love?

What is love?

… Arm in arm whispering sweet nothings
Blooming fragrances in the garden of lust
Caressing touch, sensuous delight
Eyes drooping, lips a touching
A kiss, so sweet, ever so rapturous
A kiss, an embrace, passion all alight…

That is love, my love for you!

The Night Before Christmas….

Twas the night before Christmas
a Christmas in tropical KL
a humid and wet evening
a strange thing happened;
a passing gales
blowing winter breezes
that give you chill
as if maybe Jack Frost himself
was here.

Twas the night before Cristmas
I stand alone
damp and chilly
in my old yellow raincoat,
looking rotund like a Digi YCF
I noticed this strange thing happened.

Twas the night before Christmas
making my way home
from a late night party on my old
Honda 125
on the new Lekas highway
that I noticed the strange happening.

What did happened
on that night before christmas
in a winter breeze in tropical KL
in a wet and humid night?

My kind of Santa 😉

…well, it’s not Christmas yet, so I dunno. Wait till Christmas eve larrrrr!!!!

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