Yui Horie in Animelo Summer Live 2009 and Yahho!! CM (Kanamemo ED)

YuiHorieChecking into my Facebook account, I read this message from Yui Horie:

yo guy, i have a good news to everyone, i were opening a concert on this month 22.08.2009 in Tokyo, this concert name r called animelo summer live 2009

Yup, it’s from my beloved Hocchan.  Sad to say, Tokyo is almost like in a galaxy far, far away for me, even though it is only a 5-hour plane flight away, so it’s only wishful thinking to be able to see Hocchan performing live 😦 .

Especially since Minorin also will be performing live there too  hu hu 😦

Go here for more info on Animelo Summer Live 2009. You can view the line-up here.

As a scant consolation, Hocchan’s new single Yahho!! will be out soon, on August 26 to be exact. Here’s the CM announcing the release:

Yahho!! is the ED song for anime series Kanamemo. Actually, reading the synopsis the first time, I really wasn’t interested to watch it at all, but since a few of my friends on FB says to give it a try, I did, and lo … I got hooked!

How to describe Kanamemo… well it is an explosion of yuri, loli and moe. And boy, what an explosion… not the c4 type but more of a megaton-nuclear level bomb one. But then again, it has a lot of tender and melancholic moments that pulls your heart string. Depending on your preferences, Kanamemo can be a “hit or miss” affair, but as I’m not one of those discerning otaku but just a casual anime lover that prefer a relaxing slice of life show to put me at ease after a hard dog day at the office, so Kanamemo is a hit for me.

Here’s the ED song from Kanamemo.

Hocchan plays Haruka Nishida (the one holding the sake bottle in the pic)

Yuri... loli... all moe!!!

Yuri... loli... all moe!!!


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