God’s chef-d’oeuvre

Morning came
bringing fresh fragrant dew of spring break
thawing yesterday’s winter
with it bring forth all the sweet flowers
shades of red, of yellow and of blue
in all it’s glorious tone and hue
so beautiful, so lovely…

But when I look at you
sleeping oh so serenely
everything but pale if compared to you
for you, my dear, is God’s chef-d’oeuvre
His gift, to us…

Forever for us to love.


Am blogging again

Wow, the last entry in this blog was made way back in 2009. Since, I have neither checked nor log in to this blog at all. It’s a wonder that WP hasn’t deleted it.

Since I am no longer attached to a particular company, and am going free-lancing once more, maybe it’s time I keep this blog going again.

At the moment there are quite a few things on the plate, so as to what this blog will be focusing on, i have no idea… yet. Maybe it will be a mish-mash of poetry, anime-related thingy or my studies, but for certain, I will be blogging again.




What is love?

What is love?

… Arm in arm whispering sweet nothings
Blooming fragrances in the garden of lust
Caressing touch, sensuous delight
Eyes drooping, lips a touching
A kiss, so sweet, ever so rapturous
A kiss, an embrace, passion all alight…

That is love, my love for you!

The Night Before Christmas….

Twas the night before Christmas
a Christmas in tropical KL
a humid and wet evening
a strange thing happened;
a passing gales
blowing winter breezes
that give you chill
as if maybe Jack Frost himself
was here.

Twas the night before Cristmas
I stand alone
damp and chilly
in my old yellow raincoat,
looking rotund like a Digi YCF
I noticed this strange thing happened.

Twas the night before Christmas
making my way home
from a late night party on my old
Honda 125
on the new Lekas highway
that I noticed the strange happening.

What did happened
on that night before christmas
in a winter breeze in tropical KL
in a wet and humid night?

My kind of Santa 😉

…well, it’s not Christmas yet, so I dunno. Wait till Christmas eve larrrrr!!!!

Kimi he to Tsunagu Kokoro by Aki Toyosaki (Kanamemo OP)

Ganbatte!! tsundere & loli... epic win :D

Ganbatte!! tsundere & loli... epic win :mrgreen:

In my last post I put up the Kanamemo ED by Yui Horie, so here’s the OP song, Kimi he to Tsunagu Kokoro by Aki Toyosaki (plus Kaoru Mizuhara and Rie Kugimiya).

For some reason I cannot get my dear my dear out of my head!.

GOD…  I think I’ve OD on too much loli and moe!!!!! 😯

Anime OP:

The full song:

Mankai no ai wo nosete egao todokimasu you ni
Atarashii sekai no hajimari my dear dear

Iji datta watashi ni rongai zenbu sayonara
Koukai nante mou shinai yo
Donna konnan na koto mo hyabii ni henkan shitara
Shine asahi mo temaneki shite iru yo

Fuan ni kossori furuetete mo tsuyogatte
Mune gyutto furi shibottara kasokushite
Yuuki kanjiru datte kimi ga sugu soba ni
Issho ni doko made mo susumou

Nocchatta oikaze ni seiippaai todoketai kara ne
Imi he to tsunagu kokoro
Saishin no koramu ni meiippai kimochi kometa kara
Tokimeite doko demo ikeru yo my dear

Otto mukai kaze ga sou ne mou daijoubu
Shinpai nai yo nori koeru yo
Konna mainichi no naka zutto kurikaesu koto
Try taisetsu na hito he no messeji

Nayan de kujikete dousuru koto mo dekinakute
Kimochi ga takanari yamanai koto moaru
Sonna toki ni wa yume no dayori okuru kara
Ookiku hibi tatou your own dream

Mankai no ai wo nosete egao todokimasu you ni
Ashita he to tsunagu kokoro
Soukai na sutato ni saikou no okurimono dakara
Atarashii sekai no hajimari my dear my dear

Issho ni doko made mo susumou
Nocchatta oikaze ni seiippaai todoketai kara ne
Imi he to tsunagu kokoro
Saishin no koramu ni meiippai kimochi kometa kara
Tokimeite doko demo ikeru yo my dear

Yui Horie in Animelo Summer Live 2009 and Yahho!! CM (Kanamemo ED)

YuiHorieChecking into my Facebook account, I read this message from Yui Horie:

yo guy, i have a good news to everyone, i were opening a concert on this month 22.08.2009 in Tokyo, this concert name r called animelo summer live 2009

Yup, it’s from my beloved Hocchan.  Sad to say, Tokyo is almost like in a galaxy far, far away for me, even though it is only a 5-hour plane flight away, so it’s only wishful thinking to be able to see Hocchan performing live 😦 .

Especially since Minorin also will be performing live there too  hu hu 😦

Go here for more info on Animelo Summer Live 2009. You can view the line-up here.

As a scant consolation, Hocchan’s new single Yahho!! will be out soon, on August 26 to be exact. Here’s the CM announcing the release:

Yahho!! is the ED song for anime series Kanamemo. Actually, reading the synopsis the first time, I really wasn’t interested to watch it at all, but since a few of my friends on FB says to give it a try, I did, and lo … I got hooked!

How to describe Kanamemo… well it is an explosion of yuri, loli and moe. And boy, what an explosion… not the c4 type but more of a megaton-nuclear level bomb one. But then again, it has a lot of tender and melancholic moments that pulls your heart string. Depending on your preferences, Kanamemo can be a “hit or miss” affair, but as I’m not one of those discerning otaku but just a casual anime lover that prefer a relaxing slice of life show to put me at ease after a hard dog day at the office, so Kanamemo is a hit for me.

Here’s the ED song from Kanamemo.

Hocchan plays Haruka Nishida (the one holding the sake bottle in the pic)

Yuri... loli... all moe!!!

Yuri... loli... all moe!!!

Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari by Supercell (Bakemonogatari ED)

Bakemonogatari Girls

Bakemonogatari Girls

Bakemonogatari is one of the anime series I’m following this season. Being a SHAFT production, needless to say, the animation quality is very impressive. Also, the story is really interesting.

The ED for Bakemonogatari is Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari (The Story You Don’t Know) by Supercell.

Here’s the recently released PV, the setting is quite interesting with a bunch of cute actors. BTW, the main girl is played by Fukunaga Marika and her rival is played by Kitade Naho 🙂 .

The lyrics for Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari (shamelessly stolen from bambooxzx)

Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari

Itsumo doori no aru hi no koto
Kimi wa totsuzen tachiagari itta
“Konya hoshi wo mi ni yukou”

“Tama ni wa ii koto to iu nda ne”
Nante minna shite itte waratta
Akari mo nai michi wo
Baka mitai ni hashaide aruita
Kakaekonda kodoku ya fuan ni
Oshitsubusarenai you ni

Makkura na sekai kara miageta
Yozora wa hoshi ga furu you de

Itsu kara darou   kimi no koto wo
Oikakeru watashi ga ita
Douka onegai
Odorokanai de kiite yo
Watashi no kono omoi wo

“Are ga denebu, arutairu, bega”
Kimi wa yubisasu natsu no daisankaku
Oboete sora wo miru
Yatto mitsuketa orihime sama
Dakedo doko darou hikoboshi sama
Kore ja hitoribocchi

Tanoshige na hitotsu tonari no kimi
Watashi wa nani mo ienakute

Hontou wa zutto kimi no koto wo
Dokoka de wakatte ita
Mitsukatta tte
Todoki wa shinai
Dame da yo   nakanai de
Sou iikikaseta

Tsuyogaru watashi wa okubyou de
Kyoumi ga nai you na furi wo shiteta
Mune wo sasu itami wa mashiteku
Aa sou ka   suki ni naru tte
Kou iu koto nanda ne

Dou shitai? itte goran
Kokoro no koe ga suru
Kimi no tonari ga ii
Shinjitsu wa zankoku da

Nido to modorenai

Ano natsu no hi
Kirameku hoshi
Ima demo omoidaseru yo
Waratta kao mo
Okotta kao mo
Daisuki deshita
Okashii yo ne
Watteta no ni
Kimi no shirai
Watashi dake no himitsu
Yoru wo koete
Tooi omoide no kimi ga
Yubi wo sasu
Mujaki na koe de

Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari (The Story You Don’t Know)

On one day like any other,
You suddenly spoke up and said,
“Tonight, let’s go look at the stars.”

“Sometimes you say good things.”
Everyone said something like that and laughed.
I walked on the street with no light,
Frolicking like a fool
So that I wouldn’t be crushed
By the loneliness and unease I carried.

I looked up from the pitch dark world,
As though stars were raining from the night sky.

Since when, I wonder, have I been
Chasing after you?
Somehow, please,
Don’t be surprised, and listen
To these thoughts of mine.

“There are Deneb, Altair, Vega.”
You pointed out the Summer Triangle.
I remember and look at the sky.
Finally, I found you, Vega,
But where are you, Altair?
Like this, she’ll be all alone.

You, cheerful, are the only one next to me,
And I can’t say anything.

In truth, for a long time, I’ve known
Something regarding you.
The fact that I found it
Won’t reach you.
It’s no good. “Don’t cry…”
That’s what I told myself.

In cowardice, bluffing,
I pretended that I wasn’t interested,
The pain that pierces my chest increases.
Ah, I see, this is what they call
Being in love.

What do you want to do? Try saying it.
That’s what the voice in my heart tells me.
I want to be next to you…
Reality is cruel.

I didn’t say it.
I couldn’t say it.
I can’t go back again.

That summer day,
Those glittering stars –
Even now, I remember them.
Both your smiling face
And your angry face –
I loved them.
Isn’t it strange?
Though I knew this,
It was the secret that you didn’t know,
That was only for me.
Crossing over the night,
You, in the distant memories,
Point your finger out
With an innocent voice.

The original lyric page can be seen here.

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